Answers to the questions we receive
most about our services.

First things first, thank you for considering Marble Line. We are the oldest marble, granite, and natural stone fabricator in west Houston. Second, we are one of the few true fabricators that stock granite and quartz slabs onsite. As a stocking fabricator, it allows you to choose your stone, perform the layout, and pick out your sinks and faucets all in ONE STOP. Come visit our 25,000 square foot showroom, indoor slab yard, and fabrication facility.

Rest assured, we will be your guide throughout the entire process. Our customers have said how easy it is to work with us. We love our work, so it’s no trouble for us! Please visit our process for a step-by-step review.

Natural and engineered stone can differ in style and value as filet mignon and ground chuck. Many factors come into play, such as availability of material, choice of finish or edge, and the readiness of the space to be improved. Be assured our 40+ years of experience will guide you to the best path in enhancing your space.

We NEVER charge for the privilege to assist you, whether in your home or office, at our facility or by phone/email!


Big box stores don’t actually perform the work. That’s why you have to wait at the kiosk, while folks fumble through binders and call sub-contractors, etc.

Regardless of questions or level of detail we need to ensure we “do it right”, that’s all part of the love of the work. We have faith that by providing honest work at comparable rates, we will be blessed with plenty of work.


Again, we’re here to stay. We are an insured company with DECADES of happy customers to show for it! We don’t cut corners, use sub contracted labor, or “farm out” the fabrication work overseas. We use only the highest-grade stone products from countries such as Brazil, Italy, India, and of course the USA. We operate a working certified fabrication facility out of a site specific, built for purpose property. Some questions to ask your fabricator to determine their legitimacy is:

  • Where is your shop/office located?
  • Are you a member of the Marble Institute of America? 
  • Do you carry general liability?
  • Do you have an office, or just call your prepaid cell phone?
  • Do you advertise in the paper or school programs, or just online ads?
  • How many months have you been doing this?
  • Why can I not get a formal quote other than the verbal you give?
  • You offer quartz, but not listed as a certified fabricator, will I still be under warranty?
  • Will a no label independent show up, or a full-time employee of yours to install?

If these simple questions cannot be answered, it may be evident why the initial quote is so low. Cheap tactics have been used for centuries to lure customers in with promises to deliver, only to leave you with a project half completed, or worse, nothing done but deposit money stolen. And if sub contracted labor is to be used to install, who pays the sub a second time to go out and fix his mistakes?

Now you don’t want your plumber to perform your countertop work, and we certainly don’t want to boast ourselves as plumbers! Every trade and craftsman have his/her purpose in the home, and plumbing is no different. We will drill and “test fit” your faucet, and allow the plumbing professionals or homeowner to take over from there. Should you request a referral, we’d be glad to help.

We consider this an investment in your home or business, one that can be used and enjoyed for many years. Payment can be made in form of cash, check, or credit card. Additionally, there are other financing programs (with approved credit). Ask us for more details!

If we missed anything, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to help.